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The multinational approach appears not only in the course of operational work, communication and online contact, but also in the process between these two stages. Due to the trusting nature of the service, we support those interested in obtaining personal impressions of our office and colleagues in the framework of a meeting, yet — as we flexibly adapt to customers’ needs — we can provide a personal meeting online interface, during which we discuss the service needs in detail by means of a video conference. The entire process of concluding contracts can be carried out through electronic communication.


Our service package includes — on demand — the collection of accounting documents from customers, but the increasingly digitizing business environment and the development of IT systems make it more and more possible to deliver documents in electronic form to the Accounting Office . This can be done not only in the form of e-mails, but either by connecting the client’s billing program with the accounting program, or even using a common cloud-based server. This allows you to deliver documents to the Lelkes Accounting Office for processing immediately and continuously, without taking extra time on the part of our customers.


Continuous development and innovation is the most pronounced feature in this area. The increasingly digitised business environment (e.g. electronic invoicing), the continuous development of programs supporting the service (e.g. accounting program) and changes in legal requirements (e.g. electronic returns, data management) provide an opportunity to even perform the complete service process — from material collection to submission of returns, daily contacts — in electronic form. All these accelerate the processes and reduce the tasks imposed on the clients..


Data recording
or art?

In addition to professional knowledge and many years of experience, passion for the profession and competent attention is also required for the client in order to ensure that service should be more than data recording.

Payroll services

Which is the most
economical solution?

Payroll accounting is a complex profession. The widespread knowledge of the payroll expert results nearly always in large amounts of tax and contribution savings.

Tax consultancy

What is tax

During tax consultancy, we provide our Clients with advice on taxes and contributions related to their particular business.


accounting services

We maintain contact, collection and co-ordination of accounting materials according to individual needs, thus saving our Clients time and mone

With us,

you feel like being our only customer

There are no bad questions, you will receive a professional answer to all your questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours
We keep you informed of your company’s financial situation
We take the administrative burden of accounting off your shoulders
We are always available, answering calls 24/7


We are convinced that everyone is curious, enthusiastic, creative and cooperative by nature and in this way, capable to achieve results and even outperform them.

We founded Balance Point Consulting with extensive economic and financial experience of decades behind us, where we support the development and growth of our clients with a highly qualified and enthusiastic open team.

Through our multinational and international clients, we have mastered and have been practicing service standards of one of the most demanding and dynamic markets in the world — the IT companies of Silicon Valley in California. And we use the same standard at the domestic market, too.

We align the disciplined rigor of finances every day with the smooth, joyful cooperation of people. That is how our customers, employees and owners all can benefit the most.

Our company is built and managed by experienced professionals, who have gained experience in the fields of accounting, finance and business process organization.



With decades of extensive economic and financial experience behind us, we founded Balance Point Consulting. In addition to traditional accounting services, our company provides complex financial, accounting, controlling and HR services to its Hungarian and international clients, which also serve the needs of companies operating in a multinational environment.


The Balance Point Consulting Ltd. is a member of the National Association of Hungarian Tax Advisers and Accounting Services.

Easy and secure change in the person of the accountant

Once a customer has decided to partner with us, we will handle the entire process of changing the accountant, whether through professional consultation or transfer of accounting materials to our office.

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